Mellow Academy

The idea of educating clients accompanied us a few years before the Mellow Academy was officially established

"You won't come up with something like this if you don't know what the possibilities are."

We heard that by accident when one of the workshop participants, looking at our materials, said this to a colleague.

Print products offer countless possibilities for the creative combination of paper and technology. Clients want to create unique materials with us, ones standing out from the rest and enchanting. This is why the Mellow Academy was established, during which we share our knowledge and demonstrate innovative solutions.

What do the workshops look like?

We run the Mellow Academy with our business partners: suppliers of printing substrates, branding agencies, co-operators. We organise it in places where the aura and surroundings harmonise with our products.

At the workshop, we present a wide range of our accomplishments, which is not only pleasing to the eye but also works on our haptics.

akademia mellow

What do we talk about?

The choice of workshop topics depends on our guests and their expectations.

Depending on the target group, we discuss technological possibilities, the creative use of enhancements and unconventional finishes.

The selection of paper for the project and the technology is our ‘know-how’.

akademia mellow

What's next?

The pandemic put our meetings on hold for almost two years, but we are back with Mellow Academy and its regular meetings.

Follow us on Facebook, information about future workshops will surely appear there.

If you would like your city to be visited by Mellow Academy – fill in and send us the message below.

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